*Critical Worker Place Questionnaire*

The link if for requesting EMERGENCY PLACES for key worker children who CANNOT be cared for at home during the school day e.g. their parents are both out at work during school hours or sleeping after a night shift. 

We urge you to consider the safety of your child and others when completing this questionnaire and to follow Government guidance which is to keep your child at home if at all possible. If parents are working from home but are not key worker parents, we appreciate it may be difficult to keep your child at home. However, we strongly recommend that you do so in order to reduce the risk to your family, as well as the school community. It has been reported that the rates of infection for younger children (5-10 years) have quadrupled in the past fortnight in St Helen's, where many of our children reside. The overall rate for Burtonwood is currently higher than in St Helens.

- The survey will close at 8pm tonight with no request for places accepted after this point.
- This will be a 2 week place to begin on 18th January and end on 29th January.
- Proof of your critical worker role will need to be submitted by 8pm this evening (if not done so already) to burtonwood_primary@omegamat.co.uk
- Be aware that we are advised not to move children around from existing bubbles if possible. While allowing for this, we will allocate new places as fairly as possible. However, your child being placed with their year group is not guaranteed.
- This would be a full time place
- Absence once a place is confirmed will be followed up. 
- There will be no dipping in and out once a place is requested. 
- You will be notified by Friday 15th via Seesaw to confirm your child's place in school.