Over the course of the 2023-2024 academic year, we have been consulting with a number of different stakeholders to update the Values, Vision and Mission Statement to reflect the lived, daily experience of everyone here at Burtonwood Community Primary School- children and adults alike.

We spoke with parents, colleagues, members of the Local Governing Body, representatives of OMEGA MAT, and most importantly the children, in order to create characteristics for what we want our school to become, and the people we want to be.


Our Values are represented by the following 'Burtonwood Be's'. These are the principles that we want our children to understand, explain and demonstrate how we live these virtues within our school and the wider community.

The Burtonwood Be’s

Be Prepared

Be Respectful

Be Engaged

Be Brave

Our Mission Statement

We are a learning community that creates an environment of mutual respect, working in partnership to prepare for any challenges that the future may hold. We actively engage in learning, recognising that failure leads to success and that being brave encourages us to take risks and allow the unexpected.

Our Vision is to become…

An exceptional school that provides our pupils with a diverse range of learning opportunities that are fun yet challenging, helping us to develop a deep knowledge of the world around us.

A diverse community that welcomes all and encourages our children to play a full and active role as global citizens.

Well prepared for each stage of life, respectful in our interactions with others, engaged in all aspects of education and brave in our beliefs and convictions.