English – Hendal Primary School

Sound English skills are essential for progress across the curriculum and to prepare pupils effectively for tasks of adult life.

All teachers have a responsibility to develop pupils’ competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening in their own subjects and to ensure that pupils become competent users of language, and can access the curriculum effectively and achieve their potential.

Burtonwood Community Primary School:

  • Recognises the effect that a confident, fluent and coherent understanding of English will have on a pupil’s progress, both inside and outside of the school environment.
  • Understands how a strong grounding in English will impact the future learning and development of a pupil in all aspects of their life
  • Provides a balanced and broad curriculum which encompasses writing practice, including handwriting, spelling, widening vocabulary, and writing for different styles, purposes, and audiences, as well as focussing on spoken English, reading, grammar and pronunciation.
  • Ensures that all staff members are aware of planning, assessment, teaching and learning requirements for the English curriculum.
  • Ensures that all pupils know how to plan, practise and evaluate their work.
  • Ensures that all pupils understand all elements of English, as per the national curriculum.

English Documents

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Stamshaw Junior School - Bug Club         Our Reading Approach | MWCP

We follow Bug Club phonics scheme and independent reading scheme throughout the school.

  • Over 300 wonderful book titles with well-known and family-favourite characters across a wide range of genres including fiction, non-fiction, plays, and poetry. 

  • Inside cover notes in each book to help you and your children know how to deepen understanding.

We use Pathways to Read for our guided sessions within class from Y2-Y6 and Bug Club Guided Read from EYFS.

  • Pathways to Read is designed to equip the child with key skills to move them through the reading process towards becoming competent and fluent readers.
  • Bug Club Guided Read scheme is used from Lilac to Lime book bands. Children then progress on to Pathways to Read for their guided sessions.
  • Year 2 begin Pathways to Read by using the whole class read, supplemented with Bug Club guided sessions.

Reading Documents

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Support for Reading

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Useful Videos

What should an expected KS1 reader read like?

What should an expected KS2 reader read like?

Children in Year 6 talking about a text



Stamshaw Junior School - Bug Club

Reception and KS1 follow Bug Club phonics scheme and reading scheme.

This is continued into KS2 for intervention.

Teaching Software for the Classroom    


Phonics Resources

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Pathways to Write | Brookside Primary School

In KS1 and KS2, we use Pathways to Write units for our English lessons.

Pathways to Write is a proven methodology built around units of work which develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills through the mastery approach. 


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Support for Grammar & Punctuation

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Spelling Shed - Spelling Shed - The Science of Spelling

KS2 use Spelling Shed to support them with learning their spelling rules.



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Our Lady's Catholic Primary School - Pupil Voice

"My vocabulary has improved because of the texts we read in English."

"The stories we use help my imagination and ideas for my own writing."

"Using an online thesaurus help my vocabulary to improve."

"The texts are engaging and we can see ourselves in them."

"We learn new things."

"We can come up with our own ideas and get ideas off our teacher."