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Science starts with knowledge and seeks to explain the natural world. We want our pupils to know more and remember more about both the products (Substantive Knowledge) and practices (Disciplinary Knowledge) of Science. ​

In order to facilitate this, we have a knowledge rich Science curriculum which spirals, allowing concepts to be developed over time, enabling prior learning to be revisited, and built upon, through use of knowledge organisers, foundation 5 activities and assessment for learning. ​

Our knowledge based focus ensures children know more and remembers more of the fundamentals of Science and the enquiry skills. ​

Burtonwood Community Primary School believes that Science starts with knowledge and seeks to explain the material world. It is our intention to deliver a high quality, knowledge rich Science curriculum providing our children with the fundamental products and practices that allows the children to understand the importance of Science in our every day lives. Through arming the children with clear Scientific knowledge, and approaching common misconceptions, they will develop the skills required to undertake investigations and enjoy practical activities to underpin the Science curriculum.

Burtonwood Community Primary focusses upon developing student’s thinking and scientific practices that enable them to make sense of the world in which they live. We achieve this by ensuring that students are exposed to quality first teaching, investigating scientific phenomena and real-world problems and by applying scientific skills. A key element to our teaching is the building of fundamental scientific knowledge and concepts that can be added to and developed each year to allow our students to advance their rational thinking skills in addition to developing a sense of curiosity and excitement about science. Students are encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, as well as analyse the causes they observe or record.​

​We want our children to learn more and remember more about the products and practices of Science.

Science Curriculum Documents

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Science Concept Maps

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