History - Northcote Primary School

At Burtonwood Community Primary School, we believe that, through the study of history, children make sense of their world and enrich their understanding of it. Our inclusive curriculum provides a sequence of learning that builds on knowledge from previous years to reach the desired end points for all children whatever their background.

Achievement for all is ensured through an ambitious, broad, knowledge-rich, well sequenced curriculum with planned retrieval to improve retention which is hooked to prior learning. With supportive scaffolding and accessible resources, we are able to develop positive learning attitudes and maximise our pupil’s potential.

Through clear and effective implementation, this inclusive curriculum provides children with an understanding of the similarities and differences between societies and cultures, and the impact of changes on people and place. It also helps them build confidence, independence, resilience, respect, and tolerance. Strong curriculum links also benefit children to recognise diversity and British values in our local community.

History Curriculum Documents

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