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At Burtonwood Community Primary School, Physical Education (PE)  aims to develop a fun, high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel individual’s abilities in competitive sports and other physically-demanding activities.

Burtonwood CP School recognises the value of PE. We fully adhere to the aims of the national curriculum for physical education to ensure that all pupils:
• develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
• are physically active for sustained periods of time
• engage in competitive sports and activities
• lead healthy, active lives

PE is taught at Burtonwood as a minimum of two sessions per week as a subject in its own right and integrated into the wider curriculum where possible. We will provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Our children will have opportunities to compete in sport and other activities that build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. PE at Burtonwood is an imperative element of the curriculum, which develops a need for healthy life styles, a balanced diet, positive growth mind-set and the resilience to persevere with activities that may be once have felt too difficult. We are passionate about the need to teach children how to cooperate and collaborate with others, as part of a team, understanding fairness and equity of play to embed life-long values.

Our PE programme incorporates a variety of sports to ensure all children develop the confidence, tolerance and the appreciation of their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses. We provide opportunities for all children to engage in extra-curricular activities in addition to competitive sporting events. This is an inclusive approach which endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also well-being for all pupils.

The key knowledge and skills of each topic are mapped across each year group. This ensures that children develop their knowledge of games, dance and gymnastics, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activity progressively. The skills in these areas are also therefore developed systematically, with the programme of study for each year group building on previous learning and preparing for subsequent years. Children will also be given the opportunity to access lessons taught by specialist coaches and experts that support, encourage and inspire their engagement with PE.


PE Curriculum Documents

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