Christmas Journey Delight: Year 2 Students Embark on a Magical Visit to All Saints Church

In a festive and educational outing, Year 2 students from Burtonwood Community Primary School experienced the magic of Christmas at All Saints Church today. The Christmas Journey trip proved to be a delightful adventure for the young minds as they immersed themselves in various activities and explored the timeless tale of the angel Gabriel's visit to Mary.

The children made their own envelope nativity scene to take home whilst enjoying a biscuit and a drink of juice. The journey back in time commenced as the young learners heard about the angel Gabriel's visit to Mary. Dressed in costumes, the children had the chance to step into the shoes of shepherds and the three wise men.

The Christmas Journey trip to All Saints Church not only added a touch of magic to the holiday season but also reinforced the importance of tradition and community in the hearts of the young learners. 

The children exhibited exemplary behaviour throughout the visit. Their attentiveness and enthusiasm made the trip not only enjoyable but also a valuable educational experience. Well done to Year 2!