In an impressive display of academic creative talents, Year 6 students took centre stage during their class showcase. The event, held on the 6th of February, provided a platform for these young learners to present their accomplishments across various subjects.

The highlight of the assembly was a musical performance that showcased the students' proficiency in guitar playing. Under the guidance of their music instructor, the children played different songs showing a variation of musical styles.

The children also celebrated their learning from Science, Geography and Art through demonstrating an investigation, performing a Science song and sharing their Geography projects and artwork.

Parents were invited to step into the classroom and delve into their children's academic journey over the past few months. The close-up look at projects, assignments and artwork provided an opportunity for parents to witness first-hand the growth and development of their children.

The event not only celebrated the students' achievements but also fostered a sense of pride and community within the school. It showed the dedication of both students and teachers in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Well done Year 6!