Year 2 Immerse Themselves in Safety Education at Safety Central

In an engaging and educational trip, Year 2 students embarked on a visit to Safety Central in Lymm on Thursday 22nd of February.  They delved into crucial lessons on fire safety and learned invaluable tips for staying safe around water, railways, and roads.

The day commenced with a quiz to test the students' existing knowledge about safety. 

A highlight of the visit involved the students actively participating in hazard-spotting exercises within a simulated home environment. Venturing through various rooms, they had to identify potential dangers and gained practical knowledge on how to mitigate risks in their own homes. They stepped onto a pretend railway platform to learn how to stay safe around trains and learnt the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling.

Equipping the students with essential life skills, the volunteers at Safety Central ensured that the children knew who to contact in case of emergencies. Understanding the importance of swift and informed action during crises, the students learned how to make the right calls to emergency services.

As a reward for their participation, the children earned stickers to proudly add to their badges for each area of the centre they explored.

The experience concluded with a follow-up quiz, allowing the students to showcase what they had learnt throughout the day. 

A great day was had by all!