The RHE Curriculum across the school seeks to prepare children for the rich, diverse and sometimes difficult lives they will face both in school and in the wider world. Through the roots of our curriculum, personal empowerment and preparation for citizenship, we provide children with the knowledge they need to show respect to all members of their diverse communities, whilst also developing a profound sense of self esteem and self-worth: through this, children will be empowered to recognise a variety of issues, such as unhealthy relationships, online conduct or mental/physical health. This will enable them to seek appropriate support and safeguard themselves from any difficulties they may face.

Our curriculum takes inspiration from PSHE Association guidance, ensuring that it meets statutory RSE guidance, as well as meeting the guidance put forth by the non-statutory Citizenship programme of learning; we also encourage a responsive curriculum, giving teachers the autonomy to recognise the needs of their class and planning supplementary lessons to give children the knowledge that will help them with their lives.

The curriculum aims to explore key themes: Families and People Who Care for Me; Caring Friendships; Respectful Relationships; Online Relationships; Being Safe; Mental Wellbeing; Internet Safety and Harms; Physical Health and Fitness; Healthy Eating; Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco; Health and Prevention; Basic First Aid; Changing Adolescent Body.

Within these themes, children will be given both substantive and disciplinary knowledge and commit learning to long-term memory by revisiting key areas of interest, for example in topics such as “Who helps to keep us safe?” (Year 1), and “How can we help in an accident or emergency?” (Year 5). Throughout these units, children will not only learn how these areas apply to their own lives, but will also gain understanding of how these relate to a diverse range of people.

Units of study explore three separate strands: Living in the Wider World; Relationships; Health and Wellbeing.

Our curriculum is deliberately explorative, yet knowledge rich. It challenges pupils to understand appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, and encourages all to develop a respectful understanding of the diverse society in which we live. From their studies, children will reap the fruits of our curriculum, becoming: independent; understanding; collaborative; articulate; critical thinker; confident; valuable citizen; resilient; empathetic. Pupils will develop autonomy over their own lives, whilst developing their understanding of where and how they can seek support when needed.

RHE Curriculum Documents

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